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Control Carbohydrates


Carb Controller Carbohydrates Control

Carb Controller is a Herbal supplement designed to reduce theabsorption of Carbohydrates in our body. It is derived from thenatural extract of white kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris). Duringthe digestive process,...
Rs. 2,300

Immunity & Infection


I-3 Immunity , Inflamation And Infection

I-3 is a super "Herbofoodceutical" formulation that contains a blend of selected potent ingredients known for their role in boosting immunity and antioxidant effects that help to prevent infections and slowing the aging...
Rs. 875



My90 Healthy Heart, Skin And Multivitamins

BASIC NUTRITION (Multivitamins & Minerals) + ADVANCEDNUTRITION (Amino acids + Herbs + Probiotics+ Antioxidants). MY 90 is a maximum performance premium formulation containinga wonderful blend of ninety ingredients such as...
Rs. 1,800

Bones And Joint Care


Orthomega Holistic Bones And Joint Care

Orthomega is a premium product that has super ingredients likecollagen peptide, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate with aproprietary blend of powerful herbs like curcumin, Boswelliaserrata extract and rose hip extract which makes...
Rs. 1,800

Testo Booster


Testo Booster A Natural Testosterone Production

Testo booster is all-in-one natural dope free health supplement thatcomes in the category of "Herbofoodcuetical" which is our highlyadvanced category of products that combines herbal extractsalong with dietary supplements. Traditionally,...
Rs. 2,990

Advanced Green Tea


Ok Fitness Advanced Green Tea

If you want to stay light and active all day, you can switch on a ready-toservegreen tea means "OK Fitness" which is healthy & delicious too. It isan advanced green...
Rs. 800

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