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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases plaguing the Indian population today. India is infamously known as the Diabetic Capital of the world. The four kinds of diabetes are – Type 1 diabetes/juvenile diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), Gestational diabetes and Prediabetes. Symptoms of diabetes include weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination, increased thirst and so on. If left unchecked, diabetes can lead to complications like heart attacks, cataract, glaucoma, peripheral neuropathy and so on.

Coffee is a best-selling commodity in the world because of its energy-boosting properties. It increases your mental alertness and decreases physical fatigue. In today’s world, isn’t it a great option to have an energy-boosting drink that also manages blood sugar? iCoffee may also help in weight management by increasing your feeling of fullness. It increases the amount of High Density lipoprotein(HDL) and reduces Low Density lipoprotein(LDL). It also improves lipid levels, thus improving your heart health. It also helps to keep metabolic syndrome at bay by reducing abdominal obesity and maintaining blood sugar levels.


The recommended portion of iCoffee is one sachet two times a day, half an hour before your meal in 100-120 ml of water. It is also safe for patients with diabetes to consume along with their prescribed medications. iCoffee comes in two varieties – Coffee creamer and black. No matter what kind you prefer, iCoffee provides something for you.

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