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Agri-Protek is a unique agricultural bio-enhancer, a product that is formulated from botanical plant extracts derived from sea plants. Without any fortification it encourages the growth of a variety of crops, competing for nutrients and it helps to develop resistance against all types of blasts, brown leaf spot, mildews, root rots, stem blights, and grain discolouration by producing enzymes and antibiosis. The microbial inoculants, when used as composite inoculums exhibited maximum efficiency in the suppression of diseases with the characteristic increase in chlorophyll content, a total number of leaves, shoot height and facilitating crop yield. An additional mechanism by Agri-Protek can be used as a systemic product. It helps in reducing plant diseases and acts as a biocontrol agent against parasitism on pathogens. Its application on roots and foliar application will work on the entire plant to prevent diseases. Features:
• A truly organic product.
• Increases water absorption from soil.
• Enhances crop immunity.
• Increases the photosynthetic activity.
• Its defence power develops roughness in the leaves which prevents various diseases and infections.
• Its defence power saves the plants from sun stress, especially, when there is a shortage of irrigation water.
• Its defence power results in healthy growth of the plant.

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