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Eye Wellness


Eye Fuel

Eyesight is a part of everyday communication, social activities, educational & professional pursuits and maintenance of personal health, independence and mobility. But due to our evolving current lifestyle like longer screen time, exposure...
Rs. 875



Gano Life

Organic Ganoderma lucidum is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb which has a long history of use for promoting health and longevity in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. It is known as "The...
Rs. 1,125




Ginseng is one of the most precious herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It is often referred as "The Lord of Herbs" because it has demonstrated its pharmacological effects on general well-being. Panax ginseng...
Rs. 2,300

Brain Wellness


Brain Fuel For Brain Wellness

Brain Fuel is a product under the specialized "Herbofoodceutical" category that means it contains scientifically proven herbal extracts along with nutraceutical ingredients that are beneficial for the nervous system. The herbal extracts deliver...
Rs. 1,399

Joint Pains


Joint Gym Capsules

In today's busy lifestyle, almost every person suffers from joint pain in their knees, hands, elbows and shoulders at some point of time. In most cases, this is caused by the most...
Rs. 680

Healthy Heart


Omega Flax

Flax seed oil is one of the richest dietary plant sources of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are essential for a healthy living. Omega Flax contains omega 3, 6...
Rs. 1,000

Bones And Joint Care


Calcium+D3 100 Tablets

Calcium+D3 tablets help in improving bone density and reducing the chances of fracture in older women and men. This combination is used to prevent low blood calcium levels in people who do...
Rs. 245

Control Carbohydrates


Carb Controller Carbohydrates Control

Carb Controller is a Herbal supplement designed to reduce theabsorption of Carbohydrates in our body. It is derived from thenatural extract of white kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris). Duringthe digestive process,...
Rs. 2,300

Immunity & Infection


I-3 Immunity , Inflamation And Infection

I-3 is a super "Herbofoodceutical" formulation that contains a blend of selected potent ingredients known for their role in boosting immunity and antioxidant effects that help to prevent infections and slowing the aging...
Rs. 875

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