Vestige Detox Foot Patches

Detox foot patches helps you regain health and vitality by helping the body eliminate toxins through a natural process. It works on the principal of reflexology, which is based on...
Rs. 1,400


Vestige Ganoderma

Genoderma Lucidumm is a type of mushroom that contains effective antioxidants, which helps in strengthening the immune system and detoxifying the body. It has stress -reliving properties that refresh the...
Rs. 920

Eye Support

Vestige Eye Support

Vestige eye support has Marigold And Bilberry extracts, which are beneficial for eye support. These extracts are rich in Lutein, which helps in improving the eyesight, night vision and prevent...
Rs. 625


Vestige Curcumin Plus

Curcumin has been recognised and used worldwide in many different forms for multiple potential health benefits. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help support chemotherapy and protect healthy cells...
Rs. 1,050


Vestige Fiber

Vestige Dietary Fibre is a special blend of 3 soluble fibres, Chicory root extract, Maltodextrin and Guar Gum. Soluble fibers attract water and form a gel, which slows down digestion...
Rs. 900

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