Flax Seed Bar

Enerva Choco Flaxseed Bar

Enerva Choco-Flaxseed bar is a tasty and wholesome nutrition bar that is prepared with healthy ingredients like wheat flakes, oats, almonds, raisin and flaxseeds.
Rs. 60

Snack Bar

Enerva Protein Snack Bar

Enerva Protein Snack Bar is a protein-rich snack bar, which provides fiber and other essential nutrients. Rich in protein and dietary fiber, it has healthy ingredients like rolled oats, almonds,...
Rs. 65

Energy Bar

Enerva Energy Snack Bar

Enerva Energy Snack Bar is a nutritious energy bar that provides a healthy snacking option. Its healthy ingredients like almonds, soybean, whey protein, honey, raisin, milk and dark chocolate, peanuts,...
Rs. 60

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